Micro Learning

Micro learning is a short, focused learning nugget (Short 10–15-minute sessions) that is designed to meet a specific learning outcome.

Micro-learning can also be understood as a process of subsequent, “short” learning activities, i.e. learning through interaction with micro-content objects in small time frames

A short intro sets the context of what to expect over the next 10 minutes. The objectives are further broken into 2-3 minute sessions.

It reinforces the need for constant risk assessment of hazards at workplace. Specifically, it uses a scenario to help learners identify a potential hazard and prompts the right action through the feedback.

It re-affirms that conflicts at the workplace are common and will occur because of different perspectives team members have, it effectively conveys the importance of identifying these conflicts and ascertaining ways to resolve them.


As an instructional technology, micro learning focuses on the design of micro learning activities through micro steps in digital media environments, which already is a daily reality for today’s knowledge workers.

We begin the micro learning nugget with a simple concept of viewing 6 vs 9 to establish that conflicts occur because of difference in perspectives. Then we showcase real-life situations to help learners understand conflicts, their impact, and how can they be mitigated or resolved.