Custom eLearning

We create unique eLearning customized for your training objectives. We could incorporate gamified elements to focus your learners’ attention on the content, or weave realistic stories throughout the course to pull learners into the training material. Let us help you determine the best way to educate, engage, and entertain your learners.

STProfessionals offers a suite of custom learning solutions and assessment tools for professional development and skills-based learning.

We understand that your program needs to be designed around your business goals and your learners. Through our customized approach, we achieve this balance. We design, develop, and deliver the right suite of learning solutions for your program that is both timely and expandable.

Our Learning Solutions Include:

  • eLearning Development
  • Training Material Content Conversion
  • Instructor-led Training Development/Train the Trainer Instruction
  • Assessment-based Certificate Programs

Our Assessment Tools Include:

  • Summative Exams
  • Formative Quizzes
  • Embedded Exercises to Reinforce Learning Objectives


Build Teamwork through group brainstorming and shared learning experiences.

Custom Tailor Content to your unique needs to accomplish specific organization and its objectives.

Collective Learning. A large-scale custom initiative accelerates organizational change by establishing a shared experience. A common framework for learning and leading can go a long way toward implementing change. This approach is especially effective for strengthening or changing an organization’s culture.

Development over Time. Custom initiatives extend far beyond a single event, maximizing effectiveness and providing a development experience that keeps pace with the changing needs of your organization.

Organizational Focus. The format of the initiative, as well as specific techniques and tools, are selected based on your organization’s objectives and the issues you face.

Diverse Network of Educators.  Hundreds of educators from around the world—academics, coaches, facilitators, retired executives, actors and others—provide the right expertise, industry experience, and cultural familiarity for each situation.

Broad Range of Innovative Methods.  Adept at non-traditional approaches such as action learning, tool-based or process-based methodologies, just-in-time coaching, team-based learning and the Metaphoric Experience™ learning method, we are also quite skilled at making the more traditional business classroom an energizing and enriching place.